Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool

Does your child enjoy learning about animals? This winter season, try my Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschoolers to learn about these cool creatures.

These worksheets are perfect for introducing your kids to the fascinating world of Arctic animals. And if you’re looking for more Arctic animal activities for kids, I’ve got you covered.

With a variety of activities that are both entertaining and informative, kids will have a blast learning about the animals that call the frozen tundra home.

Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool

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What types of animals live in the Arctic?

Arctic animals are unique creatures that have adapted to living in some of the coldest and harshest environments on Earth.

From the mighty polar bear to the majestic walrus, these animals have captured our imagination and sparked our curiosity.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common Arctic animals:

Polar Bear

These majestic creatures are well-suited for the harsh, icy conditions of the Arctic.

Their thick fur coat and layer of blubber keep them warm, and their large paws help them navigate across the icy terrain. Polar bears are known for their incredible strength and hunting skills.

Arctic Fox

The Arctic fox is a small, nimble animal that is perfectly adapted to life in the cold. Their fluffy white fur coats turn brown in the summer to help them blend in with the tundra.

These foxes have an incredible sense of hearing and can locate prey hidden under the snow. They are primarily scavengers and eat everything from lemmings to carrion.

Beluga Whale

The beluga whale is a fascinating creature known for its friendly and social nature. They are completely white, which aids in camouflage in the icy waters of the Arctic.

These whales also have the unique ability to change the shape of their forehead, making it easier for them to break through the ice to breathe.


With their massive tusks and blubber-filled bodies, walruses are unmistakable creatures of the Arctic.

They use their tusks to break through ice and climb up onto it to rest. Walruses also have a special adaptation that allows them to dive up to 300 feet for food, such as clams and crabs.


The caribou, also known as reindeer, is an iconic animal of the Arctic. They are known for their impressive migration and large herds, which help them survive in the harsh environment.

Caribou have a unique adaptation where their hooves are wide and flat, which helps them travel across snow and ice more easily.

Learning about Arctic animals is a fun and engaging way to add science into your homeschool lessons.

With these fascinating creatures and their unique adaptations, there’s always something new to discover and explore!

Recommended Arctic Animal Books

Grab these books about the Arctic and the animals that live there for your little one to learn about their habitat, diet, and how they manage to survive in cold weather.

Are You a Polar Bear?Are You a Polar Bear?Hello, World! Arctic AnimalsHello, World! Arctic AnimalsI'm a Narwhal (Little Golden Book)I’m a Narwhal (Little Golden Book)Ten on the SledTen on the SledThe Emperor's Egg: Read and WonderThe Emperor’s Egg: Read and WonderPolar Bear IslandPolar Bear Island


Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool

Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool Supplies

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Recommended Arctic Animals Activity Kits

Arctic Animals Flannel Board Figures

This educational flannel board set is a fun activity to try with your child during your Arctic animal lessons. Kids will love an interesting story using this!

Arctic Animal Coloring Placemats

Do you want your child to be entertained while waiting for their dinner? These coloring placemats will help you with that! They will enjoy learning about Arctic animals if you let them use these!

Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool

What’s included in the Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool?

Arctic Animals

Color all the pictures of Arctic animals: Coloring activities are a classic for a reason – they’re enjoyable, engaging, and can help with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. As your child colors in these cute animal drawings, use the opportunity to talk about each creature’s unique features and behaviors.

Arctic Friends

Identify the pictures below. Use the word bank to name each picture: This activity will help children sharpen their visual recognition skills while also learning new vocabulary words. Have them read out the names of the animals as they identify them for extra literacy practice.

Is this an Arctic animal?

Cut and paste each picture in the correct box. Left for Arctic animals and right for not arctic animals: Sorting activities like this one are great for developing cognitive skills such as pattern recognition and critical thinking. Your child will have fun identifying which animals belong in the Arctic and which do not.

Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool

What do they eat?

Color the food each Arctic animal eats: This activity is a great way to learn more about the diets of various Arctic animals. Discuss the different types of food each creature eats and how their diet relates to their adaptations and survival in the Arctic.

Parts of the Walrus Labeling Activity

Cut and paste the names of the body parts of a walrus: This activity is perfect for little ones who love learning about animal anatomy. By labeling the various parts of a walrus, they’ll gain a better understanding of how different features work together to help the animal survive.

My Favorite Arctic Animal

Draw and color your favorite Arctic animal: Encourage your child’s creative side with this activity, which lets them imagine and draw their own favorite Arctic animal. As they color, discuss the features they’ve included and how they would help the animal survive in its environment.

Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool

The Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschoolers are just one way to add excitement and learning to your homeschool day.

So why not download them and let your kids begin exploring the fascinating world of Arctic animals?

Download the Arctic Animals Worksheets for Preschool below

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