10 Tips on How to Teach Your Preschooler at Home

You can definitely teach your preschooler at home. I’m sure as a parent you are doing your own form of teaching every single day, it’s pretty hard not to. But if you’re thinking of enrolling your child in a preschool, you should know that you can definitely teach your preschooler at home. Yes, that’s right you can do it yourself and with very little money as well.

If you’re planning on homeschooling your elementary child, preschool is a great way to start igniting their passion for learning.

10 Tips on How to Teach Your preschooler at Home, no need for expensive curriculum, you can teach your child at home

Here are my tips on how to teach your preschooler at home.

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1. Limit screen time

Now is a great time to set limits and make those habits last for life. Do not let your child run free in terms of screen time. When I say screen time I mean all electronic devices, that can be the computer, video games or tablets and phones. We are surrounded by technology now so it’s so easy to pass a device to your child or have them requesting to use them often. There are a lot of fun children’s apps now but I advise you to use them in moderation.

2. Supplies on hand

Make sure that you have plenty of arts and crafts supplies on hand for your preschooler. You never know when one will want to start painting or building a castle.

3. Get active

Your preschooler is going to need to stay active, you’re not in school, it doesn’t mean you have to do set work for  hours at a time. Make sure that you take the time to get outside and get active. Is it rainy? Well, put on some music and start dancing and jumping around. Your preschooler is young and active don’t stifle their need for movement, it will help them learn better once they expend their pent up energy.

4. No workbooks

Learning does not have to be confined to paper and pencil, you can learn outside of the workbook. This may scare some of you because the workbook can be seen as a record of what your child has completed. There are numerous ways to teach your child. Have them create a diarama or build it out of Legos or blocks, have them narrate orally what they’ve learned, let them draw a picture, or dictate a story. Think outside the box.

5. Make time for play

You  have a preschooler, it doesn’t have to be all about learning all of the time. Give them time to play, let them build with their blocks or play with their dolls to their hearts content. Play is an important part of learning as they develop their fine and gross motor skills.

6.  Get creative

Give your preschooler the chance to be creative, keep arts and crafts supplies on hand so that your child can choose to create, draw or paint whenever they’d like.

7. Get Social

If your child is not in school, then it can be great to set up a playdate for your child to get to play with new friends. This also gives you a chance to connect with other mothers which is a great for your sanity.

8. Get into a routine

I don’t mean you have to have every minute of you day planned out but make sure to keep meal and snack times as well as your bedtime routine constant. This will ensure that your day runs more smoothly and your child will know what to expect.

9. Yes, you can preschool on a budget

There are a lot of great resources if you plan to homeschool your preschooler, however, if you don’t have the money to buy a huge package curriculum than don’t worry, you can find awesome stuff for free or almost free as well. Don’t let money deter you from teaching your child at home. I’ll have resources in another post in this series.

10. Have fun

You are teaching your child at home because you think you can do an awesome job and you get the chance to spend time with them. Enjoy your time with them and just have fun. Don’t sweat the milestones that your child is suppose to have or worry about what they should or shouldn’t know, there’s so much time for that, just have fun.

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  1. Great tips and suggestions. We did this some last year and I would like to continue this school year too.

  2. The best teacher at public school is usually those who teach in the earliest grades of schools, I can say. Therefore, parents need to be at their best teaching abilities when they have preschoolers at home. The tips would be very useful for parents with preschoolers at home. Thank you for sharing.

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