Valentine’s Day Lacing Cards

The kids are going to have so much fun with these Valentine’s Day Lacing Cards! Printable lacing cards are super easy to put together and you can change them out with the seasons.

These fun Valentine’s day lacing cards are a great way to bring in some fine motor practice for your kids. It’s a wonderful way to practice hand-eye coordination and you can print them out to make your own lacing cards.

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I had some fun winter lacing cards so Valentine’s day lacing cards were next on my list. I made these cute lacing cards that include hearts, cards, a cupcake, a lion, and a zebra. They are super cute and your child will have a great time playing with them.

There are four Valentine's Day Lacing Cards placed on a table.

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Valentine’s Day Lacing Cards

My daughter loves lacing, she’s so fascinated with string. I always ensure that I am closely supervising her play when she’s playing with string because you never know what other uses they will find for it.

Valentine’s day is a great time to show others how much you love them as if you need an excuse because it doesn’t just happen one day of the year. We don’t usually buy into the commercial aspect of Valentine’s day but we want our kids to know what it’s about and why others are celebrating it as well.

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Recommended Valentine’s Books for Kids

Bring love and joy into your home with these adorable love-themed books your kids will ask you to read over and over again.

Combining reading with lacing is great. I’ll often read to the kids while they’re working on these lacing cards as a fun way to combine two ways of learning. The kid also loves to read to me these books so that they can learn even more about this great holiday.

And make certain to sit down and read together as a family. The kids will appreciate and remember these times many years down the road.

These are just a few of the books that we love but there are so many more to explore. I like to have a combination in the house of books that we bought and books that we’ve checked out from the library. This gives us a wide variety of different types of books and gives us the chance to rotate them out and find new ones.

Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day Is CoolPete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is CoolDay It Rained HeartsDay It Rained HeartsGroggle's Monster ValentineGroggle’s Monster ValentineLove Is: (Illustrated Story Book about Caring for Others, Book About Love for Parents and Children, Rhyming Picture Book)Love Is: (Illustrated Story Book about Caring for Others, Book About Love for Parents and Children, Rhyming Picture Book)Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (The World of Eric Carle)Love MonsterLove Monster


There are two Valentine's Day Lacing Cards placed on a table.

Valentine’s Day Lacing Cards Supplies

Since my children are homeschooled, they don’t get to experience Valentine’s card exchange so we just do it among our own family. It’s a super fun tradition for us and it doesn’t cost us anything except paper or recyclables.

Just gather up the list of simple supplies to get started. Making these lacing cards is so simple! These are also good supplies to have on hand with most of my other activities, too!

Print out the lacing cards onto paper or cardstock, laminate them and then use the hole puncher to punch out holes so your child can thread a piece of string or shoelace through it.

Recommended Valentine’s Day Activity Kits

Valentine’s Day Science Activities eBook

Get ready to impress your kids with the ultimate Valentine’s Day Science experience! Introducing the “Valentine’s Day Science Activities for Kids” eBook, packed with hands-on experiments and activities that apply the Scientific Method, allowing children to learn and develop essential scientific skills.

Little Learners Print & Go Activity Kit: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and learning doesn’t have to be a bore. Get this huge pack of printable math and literacy activities from math worksheets to alphabet puzzles.

Valentine’s Day Foam Crafts Set

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get crafty! Grab this craft kit for your child and let their creativity run wild!

The Importance of Fine Motor Skills

When it comes to fine motor skill learning, there are so many benefits to using it! While kids are little, any type of learning activities that you can do to strengthen their fingers and dexterity is always good.

Fine motor skills are great for hand movements. Since kids are curious and always want to learn and explore with their hands, having fun activities like these lacing cards are perfect. This gives them time to learn with their hands, explore and feel with their hands, and figure out how to use their fingers and hand muscles, too.

There are three Valentine's Day Lacing Cards placed on a table.

Fine motor skills are great for confidence. Having easy activities that can build their confidence is a fun way to watch them grow. When they’re curious and want to learn, let them! Be there with them, help them if they have trouble, and encourage them to explore more.

Fine motor skill activities can be super simple to do. Don’t make it overly complicated! This lacing card activity proves that even the simplest activities are super fun for the kids! Print this out and let them use it over and over again.

Download your Valentine’s Day Lacing cards below

Once you download the lacing cards, the kids can get started! They’re going to love doing this activity over and over. It’s so great for their fine motor skills as well as their creative skills, too!

Print it out once and you’re done. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Use these lacing cards as a fun way to get the kids excited about independent learning.

More Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day Cutting Activities

Let your little ones practice their cutting skills with these Valentine’s day cutting activities. You’ll love how these activities will help with their fine motor skills, focus, and control.

Simple Heart Toddler Activity

15 Valentine’s Day Toddler Activities

Valentine’s Day Counting Cards and Puzzles

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages for Preschoolers

Valentines Pack by 3 Dinosaurs

Valentine’s Day Lava Lamp Science Experiment by STEAMsational

More Lacing Cards

If you love this simple lacing card activity, make certain to check out these other options, too. Lacing cards are a great way to work on fine motor skills as well as teach them the importance of hand-eye coordination as well.

Heart Lacing Cards

Your little one will love these cute heart-shaped lacing cards that will enhance your child’s fine motor skills!

Winter Lacing Cards

These lacing cards are great for adding to a winter learning theme at home. You can also keep these in your travel bag as well so that when you’re traveling for the holidays, the kids will have something to do in the back of the car besides sitting on a screen!

Spring Lacing Cards

Transition to the next season of the year and have the kids work on these spring lacing cards. I’m the type of mom who has them all printed out and in their themed tubs, ready to use as the season transitions.


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