Ocean Toddler Activities

Inspire kids to learn about the sea with my Ocean Toddler Activities! With easy-to-follow instructions and toddler-safe supplies, your child will surely have lots of fun learning about sea animals.

Check my list of Fun Ocean Activities for Kids for more under-the-sea activities!

With engaging activities ranging from cute crafts to gross motor games, your child will have a great ocean adventure without leaving your home!

A collage of Ocean Toddler Activities.

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Fun Ocean Facts

There’s an entire world beneath the waves, bursting with things to discover. Here are some fun ocean facts that’ll have toddlers wide-eyed and full of wonder.

The Ocean is Huge

Think of the ocean as the biggest play area you could dream of, covering more than two-thirds of our Earth!

Creatures Big and Small

The ocean is home to both the tiniest seahorse and the massive blue whale! Imagine hitching a ride on a whale – it’d be like soaring on a vast, friendly sea giant across an endless expanse of water.

Secret Mountains and Waterfalls Underwater

Yes, there are even mountains and waterfalls beneath the waves! But these aren’t like the ones we see on land; they’re made from swirling water and sand. Picture a hidden adventure park under the sea, filled with stories in every hidden corner.

The Ocean is Full of Color

Just like drawings, the ocean is bursting with color. From the coral reefs to flower beds, to the fish zipping by, the sea paints with every shade imaginable.

Conversations in Clicks and Whistles

The sea has its own special way of talking, through clicks, whistles, and songs. Dolphins and whales chat using these sounds that echo underwater. Think of it as their private conversation, sharing tales in the vast, open waters.

Your toddler will enjoy learning all about the different creatures that live in the ocean. Make it more special by visiting a local aquarium or if you’re lucky to live on the coast a trip to the beach to see the cool creatures in person.

Recommended Ocean Books

These books are filled with vibrant illustrations and engaging stories that will capture the attention of toddlers and spark their curiosity about the sea.

Provide them with a fun and educational introduction to the ocean, helping them to learn more about this fascinating environment and the creatures that call it home.

Hello, World! Ocean LifeHello, World! Ocean LifeThe Rainbow FishThe Rainbow FishCommotion in the OceanCommotion in the OceanBabies in the OceanBabies in the OceanMrs. Peanuckle's Ocean AlphabetMrs. Peanuckle’s Ocean AlphabetUnder the Sea - Silicone Touch and Feel Board BookUnder the Sea – Silicone Touch and Feel Board Book


A collage of four different Ocean Toddler Activities.

Fun Ocean Activities To Try

Here are more activities that invite kids to discover more about the ocean. Explore the deep blue sea from the comfort of your home.

Every activity turns learning about sea creatures and their homes into an exciting adventure.

Grab these fun and educational toys for your ocean fan as a gift. They are perfect for kids’ fine motor practice. It’s never too early to cultivate a love of the sea.

Water Doodle Mat - Kids Painting Writing Doodle Toy MatWater Doodle Mat – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Toy MatColor Fun Fish BowlColor Fun Fish BowlMelissa & Doug Rollables Wooden Ocean SlideMelissa & Doug Rollables Wooden Ocean SlideUnder The Sea - Wooden PuzzleUnder The Sea – Wooden PuzzleOcean Sorting & Stacking Toys – Educational Number Blocks Toys with Bathtub ToysOcean Sorting & Stacking Toys – Educational Number Blocks Toys with Bathtub ToysVTech Learn and Spin Aquarium For FishVTech Learn and Spin Aquarium For Fish


Ocean Toddler Activities

Make learning feel as fun and exciting as playing. These activities help kids start to understand the ocean, making them wonder and care about sea creatures and nature.

I hope you found a fun ocean activity to do with your toddler. Each activity brings its own kind of fun and learning. From touching and feeling the felt busy boxes to pretending with whale slime, we’re doing more than just teaching kids about the sea, we’re also getting them excited to learn.

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