Re-evaluating Our Homeschool Year

This year has not gone as planned so I’ve had re-evaluate our homeschool year to see what works and what doesn’t. This is what we’re using, I had a beautiful excel sheet with all my lessons. I did not get to many of them. I had to cut and paste and move things down on my list because they were not completed, which is why I’m glad I do my planning on the computer. I’ve totally let things slack this year.

In my defense, however, I did successfully defended my thesis last week and I am now working on the edits and will definitely finish up by next month. I’m very excited. I’ve been in school for the last decade and this will be my first venture into the working world. Unfortunately, job-wise, there isn’t much going on in my area so we’ll see how it goes.

M1 has been doing math on Khan Academy and online games since I didn’t have time to devote to his school for the past 2 weeks. I was going to try to get back on task this week but it just didn’t happen and since we’re going to break for 2 weeks for Christmas I figure we can wait until the new year. We made it to lesson 37 but I’m definitely going to have to work on getting it done consistently. This is one subject where I’ll need to sit alongside with M1 to make sure he stays on task and to provide some encouragement.

We did finish our writing book, so I think instead of buying a new curriculum, we’re going to use some of the ebooks I purchased for $1 from Scholastic. I have a lot of resources that are not getting used so I want to incorporate them into our schedule.

We were making really good progress on cursive using a cheap dollar store notebooks since I had to revert back to teaching letter formation. I then thought he was ready to use cursive during dictation but it’s just to much so we’re going to go back to copywork of short sentences first.

We finished Grammar town and I’ve just been printing off some grammar sheets for M1 to do and it’s going well. I’m not sure we’re I want to go with grammar just yet so we’ll see.

We’re on Chapter 13 of Story of the World, which is fine, but I’d like to work in more non-fiction history resources. I’m completely slacking in science which is my favorite subject. We are currently working our way through Planet Earth, which the boys love and will then move onto Earth The Biography. I really wanted to finish Ellen McHenry’s The Elements, however, after spending a year in chemistry last year, we need a change.

We’re going to start a physical science lapbook and then one on electricity. M1 still loves lapbooks and they always get done. I’m just going to add some biographies and more written assignments and  a lot of library books.

French and Latin were going well and I think we’re going to work on some memory work for french since there are some things that M1 still forgets.

He’s been doing art and music on his own but I’d like to get back into Meet the Masters, which we both enjoyed but I didn’t have the time.

M1 is now reading one of the books from A Diary of a Wimpy kid which he finds hilarious and How to Train a Dragon. I’m reading A Whole Nother Story aloud.

M2 has not had any reading or math lessons for the past month so I just want to pick things back up where we left off and stay with it consistenly in the new year.

I printed a new planner for M1 from to hopefully get him more organized. I have a schedule for him but he still asks me what he needs to get. I want him to write it in and check it off at the end of the day so that he starts to take more ownership of his work.

Goals for the new year:

  • Plan less and teach more
  • Less computer time for mom
  • School everyday and remain consistent with our schedule

I’m looking forward to having extra time with my children that I’m not spending on my own schooling. I will be looking for a job though but we’ll see what happens. I love being home with the children so it would have to be a pretty great job for me to give that up.

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  1. says

    I stand in awe of you! You had so much on your plate between being a wife, mother, homemaker, teacher, and student, yet you seemed to have made it just fine.

    I love your goal: plan less, teach more

    I think we can all benefit from doing that. Staying consistent is sometimes a problem for us, so I can also identify with that goal. But I don’t think I will ever have less computer time for me will sadly never be a reality (not sure I even want it to be).

    Oh, hey if you son enjoys online games, he might enjoy the Latin games at Vocabulary Is Fun ( It is a free site that we enjoy.

    Merry Christmas and blessings to you.


  2. admin says

    Thanks Jackie, but there’s no reason to be in awe. There were times where I was just exhausted and definitely struggling. Some days seem endless. Thankfully, things have worked out well so far and tomorrow is always a new day.

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