Lapbooks for Early Learners

So you think lapbooks are only for older children, no way. it may take more prep time on your part but your littles can work on lapbooks of their own. We use the lapbooks for science and history, but it doesn’t mean your little ones will get left out.

Rather than open ended or in depth questions that require research, early learning lapbooks will focus on things that they should be learning.

lapbooks early


This can include:

  • numbers
  • shapes
  • colors
  • writing
  • pre-writing skills – tracing
  • matching
  • connect the dot puzzles
  • mazes

Depending on age, they can work on their scissor skills as they cut out the lapbook. I end up preparing most of the minibooks ahead of time, I print them all out, I do most of the cutting and then put them together and leave them in a folder for it to get completed. Obviously this involves me a lot more in the younger years. When they’re older, they can easily cut out their own. If you have multiple children working on lapbooks, you can always enlist an older child to help you as well.

If they are not writing on their own, you can always write for them as they dictate their answers. My son always likes to read his responses to his old work as he looks over them.

Sometimes  I don’t like using a large file folder, but prefer to make a small booklet for my son.

We completed one for Are You My Mother from Homeschool Share.

I just pasted the minibooks onto construction paper, my toddler actually did all of the gluing, one of her favorite pass times at the moment.

lapbooks for early learners

If you are not finding a specific lapbook that you’re looking for, you can always find printables on that topic and turn it into a booklet, don’t feel as though you are limited to pre-packaged lapbooks.

My favorite printable sites are 1+1+1=1 and Homeschool Creations.

Some other great preschool lapbooks:

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