Christmas Letter Find Printables

Looking for the perfect way to blend Christmas and learning? These Christmas Letter Find Printables are just what you need! The kids will love these fun holiday printables!

These printables are great for Christmas and can help your child have a bit more fun learning as we head closer to the holidays. I love planning in themes for our homeschool. It’s nice to bring in Christmas books and crafts into the mix as well.

I also have this awesome list of Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets so check it out.

If you have little ones who are learning their letters, both lower and uppercase, then these Christmas letter find printables are perfect. I like having them practice their lower and uppercase letters together. It tends to help them learns and understand the concept a bit more quickly in my house.

Once your kid starts on these fun Christmas worksheets, they’re going to have a blast with all their holiday learning fun.

Christmas Letter Find Printables

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Christmas Letter Find Printables

It can be tricky for some kids who only see the lower or uppercase forms on their own. I’m working on this right now with my daughter.

When we take the time and sit down to learn together, I find that my kids are more apt to grasp a subject as well. While there are times when they may have worksheets to do on their own, it’s important to also show them that I’m there to learn with them as well.

Plus, kids love to show off their knowledge and everything that they can do! And now we have tons more fun printable kindergarten worksheets to share.

You can also print off these learning worksheets and have them to use at sparing times during the holiday season. If you’re wanting to continue with learning over the holiday season without it being an actual “learning environment”, this is a simple way to make that happen. The kids will have fun with these printables and have fun doing them and won’t even realize that they’re learning and expanding their minds at the same time.

Find all our free Christmas worksheets for kids here. 

Christmas Letter Find Printables

Christmas Letter Find Printables Supplies

I have the HP printer 8710 but it’s not available anymore. It’s still running well for years now. Look for another HP Instant Ink ready printer so that you can use their program to send you ink cartridges whenever your printer gets low on ink.

Recommended Christmas Activity Kits

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Bring Christmas into the schoolroom and make it a part of every day in December.

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Kids will enjoy decorating Christmas trees with this Christmas Tree Decorating Craft. A great way to practice hand and eye coordination, too.

Christmas Letter Find Printables

Reading Holiday Books

Don’t forget the power of reading in learning as well. Reading books together and pointing out and finding lower and uppercase letters is another great way for your child to learn the difference.

The more that you read together, the better that they will start to associate where upper and lower case letters happen in sentences! Talk about two great learning lessons in one!

Recommended Christmas Books for Kids

For great Christmas books to read with your students, try one of these, The Polar Express is one of our favorites. (but we seriously have a ton!)

We love to snuggle up together and use these holiday printables along with reading these Christmas books. There are so many great Christmas books that you can easily read with your children.

The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)The Littlest Reindeer (Littlest Series)Polar Express 30th anniversary editionPolar Express 30th anniversary editionDasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas ForeverDasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas ForeverHow to Catch an ElfHow to Catch an ElfChristmas FarmChristmas FarmThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan ToomeyThe Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey


I know you want more ideas to keep your kindergartener busy while learning so have a look at these kindergarten worksheets and printables.

Christmas Letter Find Printables

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